The Valley of Delight

This morning I referenced one of these posts in a discussion which prompted me to look back over them. When I did, I realized it has been several months since my last update. I know I meant to post time and again over the last months, but somehow never seemed to be at the correct computer when I was thinking about it. As they do, days turned into weeks and then months. Yet here I am, now ready to post the happy ending to the journey I set out to describe.

Almost exactly a year after my last working day at the first of the two jobs from which I was laid off, I started work at my new “permanent” job. This is the one I was waiting for and I hope it will be my forever home, as the saying goes.

Since my last post I have worked several more temp jobs. Most lasted only a day or two, but they kept me working and hoping. Then I spent several months on an open-ended long term position. It was a decent job working at a good company with great people. Yes, that progression of adjectives was intentional. The same job, even at a good company might have been unbearable without the great people.

Just as the job came to an end I was called in for an interview, one of very few callbacks I received for the hundreds of applications I submitted over the last year. I almost didn’t go. It had been kind of a throwaway application, one to which I had never expected a response. I also wondered if they were pulling some kind of bait and switch on me, because the job they wanted me to interview for was not what I applied for and the new job title was one that typically involved less challenging work and a lower pay scale. It was actually my coworkers at the temp job who convinced me to at least check it out and insisted it was no problem to release me from work for an hour or two so I could.

Am I ever glad I listened. It turned out the position they called me in for matched my skillset and interests so well the job description might have been written for me. The people were friendly and enthusiastic and the location would not be an unreasonable commute. Still, I did not want to get my hopes up. I had done a few interviews that seemed as positive yet resulted in nothing, so I carried on planning for the next temp job.

Even when I was called back for a second interview three days before the temp job ended, I was not sure I could believe it. When I was offered the job the next day, it was my coworkers at the temp job who celebrated for me. I was in shock. In fact, I think I was still in shock the following Monday when I started work at my new job.

I have been there a month now and I remain positive this is the position I was hoping for when I began writing the blog last year. The work will stretch and challenge me without pulling me too thin or breaking me. What I do will have a positive impact on the lives of others and the people I work with are as wonderful even a month later as they seemed in the interviews.

It will not always be easy and we may not always get along, but that is how families are and I have really found a new family. I am reminded of the first verse to “Simple Gifts”:

‘Tis a gift to be simple

’Tis a gift to be free

‘Tis a gift to come down where we ought to be

And when we find ourselves in the place just right

We will know we’re in the Valley of Delight

That is where I find myself now. I hope I shall feel the same over the coming months and years.