Lightning Strikes Twice

What I hadn’t mentioned in my earlier posts is that in addition to the job from which I was laid off recently I was also working part time on another job.  I started working there full time 7 years ago and for a while did both jobs on a full time basis, but a couple years ago I moved down to part time hours.  It was a remote position and my manager allowed me a great deal of flexibility in setting my schedule.  In fact my managers at both jobs allowed me a great deal of flexibility and any conflicts between the two schedules were easily sorted out.

I took a little bit of PTO last week to go on a short trip to Canada to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  While I was there I got an interesting phone call.  I learned that my entire workgroup had been laid off – effective immediately.  My only remaining tasks were to sign the severance agreement and send back my computer.

My response was a bit different this time.  After all, I’ve already been through shock and loss.  I have my financial situation figured out and my job search plan in place.  The panic monster didn’t even lift an eyelid but remained slumbering in the corner.  I responded politely to the call and remained quite serious and civil.  When the call ended I laughed and laughed.

Yes, I am sorry that job is at an end.  I will miss both the work and the extra paycheck.  What makes me laugh is both the suddenness of the layoff and how unlikely it is for someone to be laid off from two longstanding jobs in the space of a couple months.

I wrote earlier about the different effects of the time between layoff notice and actual end date.  I have a new time span to add – in this case, due to being on PTO, I didn’t get notice until a few hours after the job had already ended.  It is rather disconcerting.  And because I was out of the country and didn’t get back to my work computer until after my network access had been turned off I didn’t get a chance to forward to my personal email any of my emails I had kept with kudos and recommendations or to download and print off any of my electronic pay statements.  That was a bit frustrating.  Still, it is what it is.

I’m going to take this as a hopeful sign – there is a job out there that is just right for me but which will need my undivided attention.  With the part time job gone as well I am now free to take it on as soon as I find it.

Is it a second lightning strike?  Or is it a blessing in disguise?

Only time will tell.