Twilight Times

The waiting is nearly over and the job is nearly ended. It does feel like twilight – the descent into the darkness that is my final day of work.

I feel conflicted. While I am still looking forward to finding my new adventure I am, quite naturally, sad to close this chapter of my life. I’ve been marking lasts – the last time I turn in a monthly report, the last team meeting, the last holiday Monday, the last full week of work. Now I am about to mark my last day.

Yesterday I cleaned out my cubicle and took everything home but my coffee mug.  It may sound silly, but I don’t want to drink my coffee out of a paper cup on my last day.  It tastes better in my Maneki Neko mug and I think I will need the comfort.

The others in my group are displaying a variety of emotions – frustration at having to leave, worry for the future, boredom at not quite having enough to do for the last few days.  The people remaining are sad at losing most of the team or anxious because now all the work will be on them.

We’ve had our last group lunch but it seemed hard to decide what to talk about.  Some want to discuss what is happening but others would rather not.  So we descend into silence like the light leaving the sky.

Night is falling.  The twilight surrounds us.

Next a little darkness.  Then comes the dawn.