This is my first blog so I am learning as I go along.  I know that part of the purpose of a blog is to promote a dialogue with the readers through the options to leave a comment.  Since this is just a relating of my opinion I am fine with hearing the opinions of others and maybe learning something from them, so I enabled the comments when I set up the blog.  Based on the suggestions of the e-learning I took on how to set up the account, though, I made the comments moderated so I could weed out the inevitable troll or spam post.

What took me by surprise was the sheer volume of spam comments that have come in with suspect links and garbage content.  Wow.  I shouldn’t really have been surprised considering the amount of junk that ends up in the spam folder of my email every day and has for years but most of that is caught by the spam filters in my email which makes it a background process.  Out of sight, out of mind.  By setting my account to email me with a request to moderate each comment as it is added I opened the floodgates for email overload.

After a day of coding comment after comment as spam I decided I need to halt the floodwaters for a bit and have turned off the comments options for future posts.

I would still like the opportunity to hear other’s comments and to enjoy some of that resulting dialogue and learning.  I need to learn more about security settings and auto-filtering of commentary first.  My message for anyone who is reading this blog: Thank you.  I do appreciate your time and attention.  I will welcome your commentary – in the future.