Readying for Flight

One of the more important tools a job-seeker has is their resume. Even when you are finding a position through word of mouth, personal recommendation or other connections, at some point you will need to provide a resume if only “just for the record”.

I am not happy with my resume. In fact I haven’t been for years, not since I reached the point in my career where I had more experience than I could comfortably list in the recommended two pages. At first I handled the problem by narrowing my margins and dropping my type size, but that quickly became ridiculous.

I tried different formats – the chronological resume, the functional resume, the resume formatted as a marketing tool complete with endorsements. Nothing was quite right. I know the basics of putting together a resume. I know that I need to be aware of appropriate keywords, of targeting a resume to each position I apply for, of formatting for easy scanning and OCR of the content. I just haven’t felt myself to be very successful applying that information.

When I was laid off from Boeing part of the package was job search coaching and that included help with re-writing my resume. That’s nearly 20 years ago now and I’ve had a wide variety of jobs since then. I’m very happy that part of my current severance package also includes job search coaching, although I have to wait until the week before my final day to get started with it.

I am looking forward to getting help making sense of all the data I need to condense into a document that can truly be called a resume – a summary of experience, not just an information dump. I’ve tried several re-writes on my own in the last couple weeks but I don’t think I am going to come up with something to please me until I actually have some outside help.

At the same time I am glad to have the opportunity to post a full listing of my experience and the multiple responsibilities each job has represented in my LinkedIn profile. I started with just a simple summary, but finally decided to expand it and be thorough since the profile isn’t limited to any specific number of characters or printed pages.

I don’t know exactly what kind of job I will end up in this time. I’m open to the possibilities and as I noted earlier this is a grand adventure. I do know that I have a lot to offer to any employer. I’m hoping that at some point my resume will properly speak to that knowledge and experience and will represent me as it is intended to do.   When that time comes it will help me find the place where I am intended to be.

I’m getting ready to fly. Revamping my resume is just another piece of the foundation from which to lift off.

Time to go review some sample resumes. I did find a whole web site full of examples. That’s a place to start…