New Beginnings

Here I am at the start of a blog.  I have been intending to do this for a while but had been having issues updating my website.  Issues now resolved, I can start.

The template says I should start with “Hello World” then give an overview of my company and a few bullet points, maybe add some media…I am not really a template follower and Eyes of the Cat isn’t really a business website. It tried to be at first, but that was nearly 10 years ago. Now it is a place where I post my photos and digital art and can point friends to look at it. So this is more a personal blog.

I am heading into a great adventure and it will help to write about it. As long as I am writing I might as well post and since I am sure to be taking pictures and playing with them I will post some of them too.

My workgroup is being laid off.

It isn’t totally unexpected. The project we are working on started about 5 years ago and we were originally a big group. That has dwindled after a couple of re-orgs, but mostly attrition, to the remaining 8 of us. And there wasn’t really enough of the project work to keep us all busy. So it wasn’t really a surprise. And yet…

I had a strong feeling I knew what was up when I walked into what I thought was a 1:1 with my manager and there were two other people there. Two people from HR. And they told me. I don’t think they realized I was panicing. I quietly listened to the explanations of the severance package and all the other details. I didn’t have very many questions. After all, this is my third layoff and they did provide me with a nice packet of paper to look at later. Inside my head, though, a little wild creature was pinging off the walls in absolute panic. “Oh NO!!!!!! Not again! What will I do! How will I live! How can they do this to me!” and on and on it went inside my head as I headed back to my desk.

The creature continued to rattle and pound and scream but I decided to calm it with the zen of my Monday reports. Back to my spreadsheet…where was I?…oh, yes, column J. Insert column. =concatenate(H2,I2). Copy down. Select. Paste as values into I. Delete J. Delete H. Go to A2. Ctrl+shift+down arrow. Text to columns, delimited, comma only, finish. Go to B2. Ctrl+shift+down arrow. Text to columns, delimited, space only, finish. Delete column B. Scan down the new column B for anything that separated strangely. That’s better. The creature is quieting.

I love my Monday reports. I will really miss them when the job ends.

By the time I headed home the wild creature was taking a nap in the corner and I was starting to smile. Sometimes you need a boot in the backside to send you out the door. Maybe I can find another place that has Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday reports to soothe my mind. Or maybe I will find a different adventure entirely. And now I am looking forward to it.

Let’s see where this journey takes me!